SUKHA PRODUCTION PROMOTION is a film publicity and marketing agency that specializes in bringing the best in independent cinema to broader audiences and acclaim. Since its inception, the company has been committed to representing the work of the world’s most visionary foreign filmmakers, Indian independents and Films. Sukha Production Promotion has worked with a wide variety of INDIAN/Punjai film distributors and also collaborates regularly with some of the world’s top sales agencies. SP frequently works with producers seeking theatrical distribution and offers strategic advice and creative gameplans to help successfully bring their films to the marketplace.

Product PromotionsPromotion holds utmost significance for any company as it leads to more public awareness and popularity. We design inventive; perception based Promotional Campaigns for various corporations which escort the lucrative business for them.

Promotions at fleeting look:

  • Road Shows via Mobile Display Vans, Mobile Canters, Canopies / Kiosks Installation
  • Customer’s Interaction Programmes
  • Brand Promotions / Mall Promotions
  • In-Shop Promotions
  • Society Promotions
  • Human Banners / Human Mannequins
  • Fliers Distributions / Newspaper Inserts Data Collection Activities
  • Mystery Campaigns
  • Live Media
  • Ad Bikers
  • Look Walkers
  • Demo Tent
  • Umbrella Promos
  • Fm Radio
  • TV Chennals
  • Data Collection Activities
  • Promotional Cabs

In Today’s time Outdoor Advertising is the utmost way to create hype and brand awareness among people. Using innovative ideas & professional skills we provide complete solution of Outdoor Communication via Hydraulic Mobile Display Vans, Hoardings, Unipoles, Signages all over Sydney and rest of Australia. Under this we take care off entire 2D Graphic Designing (Artwork), Flex Printing & Mounting, Fabrication, Permission & Liasoning. Beside this we do take care off 2D Graphic Designing for fliers, brochures, leaflets & catalogs. It raises the business profile and outward image of the company. Our aphorism is to furtherance our client to ever changing and ever growing trends of Markets.



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